Self-Care 101 (Lockdown Style)

Self-care is influenced by an individual’s attitude and behaviour. Self-care encourages us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and with people around us. There is a misunderstanding that taking care of and loving oneself is a “selfish” behaviour. I would disagree with this statement because how can we care and show love to others if we cannot put ourselves as first priority. I learned throughout the pandemic that I must put myself first during many lockdowns so my mental health is not affected. Here are my lockdown self care tips.

My Top 10

– Never start your day with negative thoughts

– Plan a daily schedule or routine

– Connect with people who has the same interest as you

– Spend time outdoors in nature

– Take a break from technology

– Clean & Organise

– Listen to calming music

– Meditation

– Reading

– Surrounding yourself with positive people

I will list more tips below during this tough time everyone is in. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves.


Accepting Your Imperfections

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix programmes over the holidays; one of the programmes caught my attention and became my absolute favourite. Bridgerton is set in 1813 Regency-era England where eight close-knit siblings attempt to find love. Season 1 is centric around Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest Bridgerton daughter and the fourth child of the family. She falls madly in love with Simon Basset, The Duke of Hastings. However, their love story has many turbulence, angst, and trials.

During childhood, Simon had a speech impediment which was rejected by his cruel father. His father wanted perfection from Simon; when it was not achieved, the late duke did not accept Simon as a son. After the rejection, young Simon was aided by Lady Danbury, a maternal figure to him. She helped him overcame his stammer. In the present day, Daphne found the truth behind Simon’s speech impediment via Simon’s letters she found in a drawer. During the Hastings’ ball, Daphne told Simon she love all of him including his flaws and imperfections. He doesn’t need to be perfect to become worthy of love.

In reality, everyone has flaws and imperfections. Perfection does not exist in this world. We have to be comfortable to accept our flaws and show it publicly. Our flaws and imperfections are what makes us unique. In my own personal experience, it took the majority of my adulthood to accept who I really am. People kept saying I cannot do this or that because of my disability and my chronic illness. I nearly believed them. However, I did not let their words get to me. I, finally, moved forward in life when I stopped and removed the negative thoughts from my mind. Just like Daphne, the Duchess of Hastings, find someone or find people who will accept you as you really are. Once you find them, don’t throw that relationship away because these kinds of people are extremely rare in this world.

I encourage everyone to watch Bridgerton. It is a beautifully written and very romantic series based on the Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn. Season 2 is coming soon. I can’t wait to continue the series of the Bridgerton family.

Duke and Duchess of Hastings
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My Hyperhidrosis Experience and Dermadry

During my teenage years, I stopped socialising after realising I smell when I am with friends, especially during summer. My friends will pinch their noses together with vocal comments when they are near me. Soon through researching, I discovered I have a sweating problem. I felt embarrassed and experienced severe anxiety in public settings. Body odor, yellow staining, wetness under both armpits were my symptoms. As a teenager, I would get extremely angry when people would comment on my symptoms within our social circle. In my adulthood, the constant name-calling (i.e. skunk odor) and emotional turmoil had taken an effect on my mental health. I, finally, had the courage to visit my dermatologist and she diagnosed me with hyperhidrosis.

I was reassured that the condition was not cause by bad personal hygiene but the problem stems from our genetics. However, I tried many expensive deodorants and antiperspirants, none of them work. They would make the symptoms even worse. I have the privilege to collaborate with the Dermadry company that makes this fabulous machine that helps hyperhidrosis sufferers.

Here is the machine I received. Unfortunately, I’m unable to use it because of my epilepsy. Here are the images of the machine. If you are interested in treating your hyperhidrosis, please click on the following link below.

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Bullying and Mental Health Are Connected

Mental health is important at every stage in our lives: from childhood to old age. It has the capacity to control our behaviour via emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Throughout our lifetime, many factors contribute to our mental health issues. One of these issues is bullying and it can have a long-lasting effect depending on the severity.

The most common types of bullying I have encountered in my life are: physical and social. Both types have emotional devastating effects on my mental health. Physical bullying is the easiest to identify because it is done with little ambiguity or to its intention. It is the most understood form of bullying. However, socially bullying can be difficult to notice because it is almost invisible to detect. From my own experience, social bullying is always initiated by girls to gain social hierarchy and it is always emotionally destructive to my mental health.

Speaking personally, I have dealt with social bullying all my life. It started in my early teenage years, progressively worsen in my 20’s, and now it finally thin out as I’m maturing. I feel less worthy during interaction with people. As a disabled individual, I do not have the courage to speak up for myself due to my niavety. Over the years, the bullying took a toll on my mental health. Isolation, being ostracized, anxiety, depression, and the fear of standing up for myself were the most common symptoms I felt.

The road to recovery was a long painful process. I researched articles on mental health issues. My main priority is accepting myself and being happy on a daily basis. I, slowly, decided to cut ties with anyone or anything that has a negative impact on my life. The more I removed all the negative energy the less weight I have upon my shoulders. My confidence and self-worth returned when I realised I no longer need approval from this negative influence.

In conclusion, bullying and mental health goes hand in hand. It takes years for an individual to fully understand the connection and long term consequences. The symptoms are there, however, it is sometimes overlooked because some cultures consider talking about mental health issues a taboo.

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Wearing A Face Covering – Pros and Cons

There were many controversial arguements about wearing face coverings at the beginning of the pandemic; UK has finally made it mandatory in England. Scotland, however, introduced the rule a few weeks ago. As of 24th of July, everyone must wear a face covering in shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs…etc. It is compulsory on public transport. If anyone doesn’t follow the government’s rule, it will be a heavy fine of £100 (if you pay within a fortnight it will be £50).

Face coverings helps slow down the spread of coronavirus but there are still debates on who should wear them. A lot of questions are being thrown around like:

Do I have to wear a face covering when I’m living with a health condition?

Answer: No, people are exempted if they have health condition or have a severe disabilities.

Does my young children need to wear one?

Answer: Children who are under 11 doesn’t have to wear a face covering.

These are the most popular questions. I look at this in a positive response than a negative one. I rather protect others and myself from this awful disease than to have another lockdown/second wave. There are many PROS and Cons about wearing face coverings. Here are my favourites…


– It helps contain and control the virus.

– Has become a fashion statement.

– Has different styles and designs.


– It’s hard to communicate with others during any conversation.

– Hard to breathe if there’s a high humidity.

– It can be difficult to stay on.

I’m slowly adjusting to the “new normal” until a vaccine is found. I’m happy to protect others and the people I love than to lose another loved one. All the news outlets and articles I read about wearing a face covering outweigh the anti-maskers we seen throughout the pandemic protesting and trying to change people’s mind about wearing one.

My advice would be: Even if you are not on board with this…suck it up and just follow the rules!