Health Awareness

Wearing A Face Covering – Pros and Cons

There were many controversial arguements about wearing face coverings at the beginning of the pandemic; UK has finally made it mandatory in England. Scotland, however, introduced the rule a few weeks ago. As of 24th of July, everyone must wear a face covering in shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs…etc. It is compulsory on public transport. If anyone doesn’t follow the government’s rule, it will be a heavy fine of £100 (if you pay within a fortnight it will be £50).

Face coverings helps slow down the spread of coronavirus but there are still debates on who should wear them. A lot of questions are being thrown around like:

Do I have to wear a face covering when I’m living with a health condition?

Answer: No, people are exempted if they have health condition or have a severe disabilities.

Does my young children need to wear one?

Answer: Children who are under 11 doesn’t have to wear a face covering.

These are the most popular questions. I look at this in a positive response than a negative one. I rather protect others and myself from this awful disease than to have another lockdown/second wave. There are many PROS and Cons about wearing face coverings. Here are my favourites…


– It helps contain and control the virus.

– Has become a fashion statement.

– Has different styles and designs.


– It’s hard to communicate with others during any conversation.

– Hard to breathe if there’s a high humidity.

– It can be difficult to stay on.

I’m slowly adjusting to the “new normal” until a vaccine is found. I’m happy to protect others and the people I love than to lose another loved one. All the news outlets and articles I read about wearing a face covering outweigh the anti-maskers we seen throughout the pandemic protesting and trying to change people’s mind about wearing one.

My advice would be: Even if you are not on board with this…suck it up and just follow the rules!

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