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My Hyperhidrosis Experience and Dermadry

During my teenage years, I stopped socialising after realising I smell when I am with friends, especially during summer. My friends will pinch their noses together with vocal comments when they are near me. Soon through researching, I discovered I have a sweating problem. I felt embarrassed and experienced severe anxiety in public settings. Body odor, yellow staining, wetness under both armpits were my symptoms. As a teenager, I would get extremely angry when people would comment on my symptoms within our social circle. In my adulthood, the constant name-calling (i.e. skunk odor) and emotional turmoil had taken an effect on my mental health. I, finally, had the courage to visit my dermatologist and she diagnosed me with hyperhidrosis.

I was reassured that the condition was not cause by bad personal hygiene but the problem stems from our genetics. However, I tried many expensive deodorants and antiperspirants, none of them work. They would make the symptoms even worse. I have the privilege to collaborate with the Dermadry company that makes this fabulous machine that helps hyperhidrosis sufferers.

Here is the machine I received. Unfortunately, I’m unable to use it because of my epilepsy. Here are the images of the machine. If you are interested in treating your hyperhidrosis, please click on the following link below.

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