Self-Care 101 (Lockdown Style)

Self-care is influenced by an individual’s attitude and behaviour. Self-care encourages us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and with people around us. There is a misunderstanding that taking care of and loving oneself is a “selfish” behaviour. I would disagree with this statement because how can we care and show love to others if we cannot put ourselves as first priority. I learned throughout the pandemic that I must put myself first during many lockdowns so my mental health is not affected. Here are my lockdown self care tips.

My Top 10

– Never start your day with negative thoughts

– Plan a daily schedule or routine

– Connect with people who has the same interest as you

– Spend time outdoors in nature

– Take a break from technology

– Clean & Organise

– Listen to calming music

– Meditation

– Reading

– Surrounding yourself with positive people

I will list more tips below during this tough time everyone is in. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves.

One thought on “Self-Care 101 (Lockdown Style)

  1. These are great suggestion. During lockdown, I started journaling and I try to meditate a few times a week. My favourite things are going for walks and read a book. They help to distract me for everywhere going on.


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